Reports have indicated that at least 85 Kenyan students are stuck in Wuhan, a city in China where the deadly Coronavirus broke.

The government confirmed the desperate situation and cautioned Kenyan students in the city against travelling out.

In a statement, the Foreign Affairs ministry asked Kenyan students in Wuhan city to contact the embassy in Beijing.

The embassy is aware that there are 85 Kenyans in Wuhan who are registered with the embassy and is closely monitoring the situation.

Kenyan students stuck in Wuhan, China amid deadly CoronavirusKenyan students stuck in Wuhan, China amid deadly Coronavirus

Kenyans raise concerns

We encourage unregistered Kenyans to register as a matter of importance,” the statement read.

The statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry came amid cries by Kenyans who claimed the government was not doing enough.

Foreign students in the region who spoke to the media painted a picture of agony, desperation, panic as they appealed for help to travel back to their home countries.

The government has cautioned Kenyans against non-essential travel to Wuhan until the virus situation is contained.